The Best Show

How fertile is your imagination? Do you ever wonder what life on the farm was like long ago? Have you ever wanted to experience the feel, smell, and noises of long-forgotten agricultural and construction equipment powered by horses, mules, steam, and diesel? Do the tractors and harvesters displayed at the San Joaquin Historical Museum suddenly come . . . → Read More: The Best Show

Searching for Dead People

You thought this entry might involve zombies, didn’t you? Well, it doesn’t. Instead, it deals with a tool that genealogists value highly when they research dead people: an obituary index. In addition, it issues a call for volunteers.

So what’s the connection? Let’s start by discussing obituaries. In addition to telling genealogists when a person died, obituaries . . . → Read More: Searching for Dead People

Nuts, Bolts, and the Holt 75

Remember the Holt 75 tractor that volunteers and staff at the Museum are restoring? (If you don’t, see the entry for March 23, 2011.) Not long ago, they removed the steering mechanism for repairs and hoisted the engine from the frame (left). Then they disassembled the engine. People close to the project tell me . . . → Read More: Nuts, Bolts, and the Holt 75

Boys Will Be Boys

My Dad died several years ago; Mom followed him to the grave early last year. In all honesty, I never fully appreciated how much she enjoyed taking pictures until I waded into her collection of albums, which must have numbered close to one hundred.

One of my favorite images features my maternal grandparents, two aunts, several of . . . → Read More: Boys Will Be Boys