Stockton in 1912

I doubt that many current residents of San Joaquin County recognize the name Henry B. Budd. That’s unfortunate. A civil engineer, Budd was one of San Joaquin County’s most prominent shakers and movers early in the twentieth century. He recently came to my attention because a donor has given the Museum a map from 1912 that . . . → Read More: Stockton in 1912

A Taste of History

Have you ever tasted history? You’ve probably read and heard about history, and you may have thought you smelled history when Grandma opened that old chest in the attic. But tasting history?

For the next few days, the San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum is offering the public an opportunity to taste the past in the . . . → Read More: A Taste of History

The San Joaquin County Obituary Index Project

Some of the most tenacious people I know are genealogists. It’s not uncommon among genealogist friends of mine to take years searching patiently for biographical details that many of us more frail mortals might never try to find in the first place. But when they discover what they want, they have reason to celebrate.

A long-lost . . . → Read More: The San Joaquin County Obituary Index Project

The Kiss

A lot of time has passed, but I still have some vivid memories of my grade school years. I remember starting each fall with new clothes—stiff shoes, fresh jeans, and uncomfortable flannel shirts. I remember carrying my lunch box to school, learning cursive lettering with a thick yellow pencil, and watching with fascination as one of . . . → Read More: The Kiss