Lodi History Made Easier

One of the best-kept secrets of San Joaquin County may be the historic government records housed at the San Joaquin County Historical Museum. Knowledge that these resources exist often comes as a surprise to visitors. The Museum holds official records from the County of San Joaquin and the Cities of Stockton and Lodi that, together, span . . . → Read More: Lodi History Made Easier

The Great Register of San Joaquin County

Sometimes I marvel at the amount of data floating around "out there." Any stranger who knows where to look can discover where I live (and have lived), my telephone number, my age, and the names of members in my family. And that's just the beginning.

Have you ever wondered how different things were in the past?

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Henry Ford and Benjamin Holt

Henry Ford (1863–1947) is not one of my heroes. However, I do admire the innovations he brought to the assembly line. By the beginning of the twentieth century, many manufacturers already understood the value of interchangeable parts. But Ford was the first to apply this insight to the automotive industry. Using identical parts enabled him to . . . → Read More: Henry Ford and Benjamin Holt

Filipino Asparagus Workers

Visitors to the Museum's Festival of Trees in recent years may remember seeing a jaunty (and well-decorated) red Massey–Harris tractor with gray wooden bins on each side. Agricultural workers in San Joaquin County once used this tractor, and they loaded its bins with harvested asparagus.

Asparagus sledding operator poses in field with harvested stalks.

Harvesting asparagus in . . . → Read More: Filipino Asparagus Workers