The Women’s Land Army

I've known for some time about the Women's Land Army. But not until last week did I finally meet it face-to-face while shuffling through some records that the University of California's Agricultural Extension Service has given to the Museum.

Here's some background. The setting is World War I. England and its allies are locked in a struggle . . . → Read More: The Women’s Land Army

The Civil War in San Joaquin County

What comes to your mind when you think about the Civil War? Abraham Lincoln? Ulysses S. Grant? How about row after row of Union and Confederate soldiers facing off with single-shot rifles? And where do you see the battles happening? Can you think of any west of the Mississippi?

Members of the Hartford Post G.A.R., . . . → Read More: The Civil War in San Joaquin County

The Art of the Label

Ever looked at the sides of the boxes of fruit or wine in the grocery store as they're restocking the shelves? Did you notice the small stamped labels on the side? I never did—I never even gave those labels a moment's notice—until I began researching and putting together an exhibit on fruit crate labels currently on . . . → Read More: The Art of the Label

A Tractor for Kids

Most children I know are fascinated with heavy machinery. I think they imagine the machines giving them vast amounts of power far beyond the ability of their tiny bodies. Even my daughter, who was a stuffed-animals kind of kid, had a special toy truck of her own. I can still hear her humming to herself as . . . → Read More: A Tractor for Kids

Racing Cars in Stockton

I like old photographs. I like them especially when I know something about them—for example, the names of the subjects and the context. When I don't, I'm tempted to make up imaginary stories that may or may not be grounded in reality.

Leon Clancy Collect., S.J. Co. Hist. Museum

Several months ago, I came across the photograph . . . → Read More: Racing Cars in Stockton