Another Map for the Museum

I need maps. Sometimes I jokingly tell my wife that I really don't because I inherited a perfect sense of direction from my father, who was a civil engineer and surveyor. But both of us know better. My wife has too many stories of our family taking unwanted detours to let my claim go unchallenged.

Candidates . . . → Read More: Another Map for the Museum

Docents Rule!

As a retired K-8 principal, I, oddly, find myself still liking children very much. I even like some teachers. To my great pleasure, I have now discovered a wonderful group of fine people: "docents," an extraordinary bunch of wildly diverse folks who channel historical characters as different as the perfect schoolmarm, Matt Dillon (retired), Auntie Mame, . . . → Read More: Docents Rule!

Hollywood and San Joaquin County

Illustration from 1884 edition of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Last year, I joined three other San Joaquin County archivists one cool winter day for lunch in a downtown Stockton park. Our interests often converge and the conversation moved from one subject to another. Then it turned to movies and television programs filmed locally—either . . . → Read More: Hollywood and San Joaquin County

Pioneer School Day

What do you remember from grade school? Most people remember their best friends, first crushes, and favorite teachers, as well as the mischievous activities they participated in. Altogether, it seems that social activities stick in our minds more than our classroom education. But there were also times when social activities intertwined with classes, which led to . . . → Read More: Pioneer School Day