The College Farm at Davis

My son once had a friend who attended the University of California at Davis. I would tease her about attending the College Farm at Davisville. "The what?" she would ask. Like her, most people today wouldn't recognize that name, nor would they understand the important role that the Davis campus of the University of California, which . . . → Read More: The College Farm at Davis

A Docent’s Great-Grandparents

If the docents of San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum put their stories together, our history would tell the true tale, not a textbook re-creation.

It is stunning to realize these fine people were born before the Civil War began, and I can clearly remember them and their voices, voices beginning 150 years ago, especially Great . . . → Read More: A Docent’s Great-Grandparents

Early San Joaquin County Horticulturalists

In the early 1900s, agriculture in San Joaquin County shifted from dry-farmed wheat and barley to the intensive, irrigated crops we know today. A number of factors contributed to that transition, among them changes in the way farming was approached.

San Joaquin County farm families learn walnut cultivation from U.C. Agricultural Cooperative Extension advisors (1921).

It was . . . → Read More: Early San Joaquin County Horticulturalists

Stockton Rural Cemetery Celebrates 150 Years

Monument at grave of David S. Terry, Stockton Rural Cemetery.

Whoever said "dead men don't tell tales" must have never visited a cemetery. As any local historian can attest, the tombstones and monuments of the deceased actually do tell stories. In fact, they stand as some of the richest sources for biography and local history anywhere . . . → Read More: Stockton Rural Cemetery Celebrates 150 Years