Waiting for Santa

I like photographs a lot. Sometimes they give me information I can't find anywhere else. Other times, I see glimpses into artistic sensitivity and expertise. But the images I find most memorable are ones that open doors into the personality of the photographer, giving me a sense of what it might have been like to know . . . → Read More: Waiting for Santa

The Origins of French Camp, California

Jedediah Strong Smith (1799–1831) and about fifteen trappers with the Rocky Mountain Fur Company entered California in November 1826. They were hoping to "find parts of the country as well stocked with Beaver as the waters of the Missouri." Smith and his party had crossed the Mojave Desert and the San Bernardino Mountains (a route later . . . → Read More: The Origins of French Camp, California

Goodbye, Ed

Getting things done at the Museum requires a lot of work, much of it done behind the scenes. Fortunately, lots of people have answered the call.

The largest group of workers at the Museum consists of volunteers, most of whom serve with either the Museum’s educational programs, on its Board of Trustees, or as mechanics on its . . . → Read More: Goodbye, Ed