Grandma, What’s a Speakeasy? Part 1

Things that grandchildren of docents from the San Joaquin County Historical Museum—and other youngsters—will not do, recognize, or understand.

dialing a phone
a busy signal
a collect call
phone operators
steam engines
train whistles
train yards
the milkman

Lillian Gish, Clara Bow, Fatty Arbuckle, Jean Harlow, etc., etc., etc.
Our Gang:
Buckwheat and Stymie
Spanky really spanked
Laurel and Hardy
Martin and Lewis
movie and popcorn under a dollar
Saturday afternoon double . . . → Read More: Grandma, What’s a Speakeasy? Part 1

George Shima, “Potato King”

In an earlier blog, I addressed San Joaquin County's lesser-known Chinese-American "potato king," Chin Lung (January 25, 2012). Here's the story of the County's nationally known "potato king," Japanese-American George Shima.

Japanese immigrant Ushijima Seikichi, later known as George Shima, arrived in San Joaquin County in 1889 and worked his way from migrant laborer to farmer in . . . → Read More: George Shima, “Potato King”

The Rise of Mariano G. Vallejo

Most Northern Californians probably know about a community in the San Francisco Bay Area named Vallejo. They may also be aware that its name honors General Mariano G. Vallejo, an early California landowner in the Sonoma area. What many people don't know is that a connection exists between Vallejo and San Joaquin County. In fact, the . . . → Read More: The Rise of Mariano G. Vallejo

The Stockton Historic Maritime Museum

It's hard to forget that Stockton is a seaport city, especially when towering oceangoing vessels regularly enter the port to load up with agricultural goods. But how many people currently remember the city's past as a major West Coast shipbuilding center? And how many can recall the influence that the U.S. Navy has had in San . . . → Read More: The Stockton Historic Maritime Museum