The Other Charles Webers

Did you know that early San Joaquin County had two other Charles Webers, in addition to Charles Maria Weber, the founder of Stockton? One bore the name Charles Kimball Weber, and the other, his son, Charles Oscar Weber. Neither man was as wealthy or influential as Stockton's founder, but both owned sizable farms and left respectable . . . → Read More: The Other Charles Webers

The Lodi Comets

How many women motorcyclists can you remember seeing? Not many, I'll wager. My own eyes were opened about five years ago after learning that one of my nieces motorcycled to and from classes each day while attending college in southern California. Every other motorcyclist I see nowadays seems to be female.

Lodi mayor Mabel Richey (right) . . . → Read More: The Lodi Comets

Papa Was a Bootlegger

It was a Saturday night and Mama decided to pile us all into the old Plymouth and head off to the Starlight Drive-in to catch a movie. The Starlight was located right off the southbound 99 near Childs Avenue in Merced. I forget what time we made it back, but we were half asleep when Tio . . . → Read More: Papa Was a Bootlegger