Remembering the Lincoln Highway

Last weekend, my wife and I flew to Colorado for a family reunion. The flight—over the Sierra Nevada range, Utah, and the Rocky Mountains—took all of two and one-half hours. We landed in Denver, rested and ready to drive our rental car several additional hours.

Travel hasn't always been this easy. One of the most significant landmarks . . . → Read More: Remembering the Lincoln Highway

The Civil War Comes to San Joaquin County

Close your eyes for a moment and think "Civil War." What do you see? A bearded men in a stovepipe hat? Fuzzy black-and-white daguerreotypes? Corpses on a battlefield? For many of us, the Civil War is only a vague and distant thought. For others, however, the people, issues, and conflicts are still very much alive. How . . . → Read More: The Civil War Comes to San Joaquin County

Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what's been happening behind the scenes at the San Joaquin County Historical Museum? It might surprise you to know that the pace has not slowed in recent months, despite hot, lazy days more conducive to napping in the shade than hard work.

The Elliott family freight wagon heads out for restoration, 2012.

Two . . . → Read More: Behind the Scenes

Historic Reclamation Material Published Online

The San Joaquin County Historical Society is pleased to announce the online publication of historic material related to the County's reclamation districts. A full description, posted on the Web site of the Online Archive of California, includes links to the images and can be viewed by clicking here. This long-awaited online collection includes approximately two hundred . . . → Read More: Historic Reclamation Material Published Online