Sacramento Archives Crawl 2013

In celebration of National Archives Month, archives and special collections libraries from throughout the Sacramento region will showcase their rarely seen holdings for the public in the Third Annual "Passion for Preservation: Sacramento Archives Crawl." The event occurs on Saturday, October 5, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., in Sacramento. Historic treasures from more than twenty . . . → Read More: Sacramento Archives Crawl 2013

Market Hunting in the San Joaquin Valley

Remember Passenger Pigeons? Probably not. The last one died in 1914, a casualty of mass deforestation and overhunting. An estimated three to five billion lived in North America when Europeans arrived, but their numbers plummeted over the next three centuries. Perpetuation of this once–numerous bird apparently wasn't a matter of high priority.

Duck hunter in the . . . → Read More: Market Hunting in the San Joaquin Valley

Grandma, What’s a Speakeasy? Part 2

More things that grandchildren of docents from the San Joaquin County Historical Museum—and other youngsters—will not recognize or know anything about…

Mrs. Murphy's chowder ("Who put the overalls in…")
Old Mrs. Davis ("Lord bless us and save us and…")

lead soldiers
biting lead soldiers
rubbing mercury from a broken thermometer on your dimes to make them shiny
mercury thermometers

Oh, Mrs. Goldberg!
Speedy Gonzales' . . . → Read More: Grandma, What’s a Speakeasy? Part 2

ValleyFirsts! Exhibition Opens

Here's an idea for your next party: Ask guests to name five "firsts" in San Joaquin County. (Prime yourself beforehand by reading the blog entry for July 24, 2013, below.) Afterward, watch local residents beam with pride as they point to milestone after milestone.

John C. Frémont (1852), leader of first American mapping party to . . . → Read More: ValleyFirsts! Exhibition Opens