Museum Continues Work on Exhibit Improvements

The San Joaquin County Historical Society is pleased to report progress on significant exhibit updates and additions at the Museum. Readers of this blog may recall the Museum's announcement in April 2011 of a half-million-dollar grant from the Nature Education Facilities Program, created by the Proposition 84 water bond of 2006 and administered by the California State Parks. The Society was one of forty-four California entities to benefit from the program.

The Historical Society's project has four main components:

  1. New exhibits at the Museum entrance to provide orientation to the County's natural features and setting.
  2. An updated and expanded Native Peoples gallery in the Erickson Building.
  3. Updated audio messages, graphics, and so forth, along the Sunshine Trail living exhibition of native plants and habitats.
  4. Development of a new Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta/water walkway around the existing "Weber" pond.

Plans include development of a new walkway around the "Weber" pond.

After an extensive search, the Historical Society selected The Sibbett Group, with headquarters in Sausalito, California, to guide exhibit planning and design. The planning process kicked off with stakeholder meetings in March and the development of broad conceptual understandings of the project. A second stakeholders meeting in mid-September at the end of the preliminary design phase verified that the process was on the right track.

Members of the Museum staff have just begun working with The Sibbett Group on the final design phase for the project exhibits. We anticipate having exhibit blueprints completed in the spring of 2013, after which the fabricator will build the exhibits. We hope to have all the new exhibits installed by the fall of 2013.

Additional details about the exhibit update can be found under the "Featured Activities" section on the San Joaquin County Historical Society's Web site. Stay tuned for additional updates as the process continues.

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