The Civil War Comes to San Joaquin County

Close your eyes for a moment and think "Civil War." What do you see? A bearded men in a stovepipe hat? Fuzzy black-and-white daguerreotypes? Corpses on a battlefield? For many of us, the Civil War is only a vague and distant thought. For others, however, the people, issues, and conflicts are still very much alive. How we view the past often depends on how we learn about it.

Black Civil War soldiers defend Washington, D.C. Courtesy Library of Congress.

Black Civil War soldiers defend Washington, D.C. Courtesy Library of Congress.

This Saturday, the Civil War comes to San Joaquin County, offering residents vivid glimpses into those troubled times. Starting at 9 a.m., the Lockeford Historical Society and the Second South Carolina Volunteer Infantry, a military unit comprised of former slaves organized to fight for the Union, will host a Civil War encampment that will feature historical reenactors clothed in period uniforms. The soldiers will march, drill, fire muskets, and answer questions from visitors.

Admission to the event is free. It takes place at the Historic Lockeford Schoolhouse, 19456 Jack Tone Road, in Lockeford, California, and will remain open to visitors until 4 p.m. Historical reenactors from the period of the Indian Wars and the era of the Mountain Men will also be present.

This is Lockeford's Third Annual Living History and Civil War Enactment. It will occur with the cooperation of the American Civil War Association (ACWA) of Northern and Central California.

"With the uniforms, clothing, and equipment of the period," reads ACWA's Web site, "one can get some small sense of how the men, women, and children lived through the hardship that was the Civil War and also enjoy the very unique camaraderie and friendships that the hobby of reenacting offers."

Additional information about the Association and this event can be found at the ACWA Web site:

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