Grandma, What’s a Speakeasy? Part 2

More things that grandchildren of docents from the San Joaquin County Historical Museum—and other youngsters—will not recognize or know anything about…

Mrs. Murphy's chowder ("Who put the overalls in…")
Old Mrs. Davis ("Lord bless us and save us and…")

lead soldiers
biting lead soldiers
rubbing mercury from a broken thermometer on your dimes to make them shiny
mercury thermometers

Oh, Mrs. Goldberg!
Speedy Gonzales' accent
"Tonight we have a reee-ly great shooe…"
77 Sunset Strip
Freddy the Freeloader
Art Linkletter
Mr. Green Jeans
Phineas T. Bluster
Dilly Dally
Peanut Gallery
Sid Ceasar

The Bop
The Stomp
The Stroll
"Endless Summer"
Dick Dale
Grauman's Chinese Theatre
walking Hollywood Boulevard after a date
walking on Venice "Muscle" Beach after a date, swinging on the rings
walking ANYwhere after a date
a date

Morse code
a party line on the phone
telegraph key

attractive young female stewardesses in skirts
transistor radios
walking down to the 5 and Dime
Coppertone ad with baby Jodie Foster's partly bare bottom showing
grabbing the brass ring on the merry-go-round
puttin' on the Ritz
tripping the light fantastic
the ant's ankles, bee's knees
playing mumblety peg
the mailman's huge leather pouch

Indian giver
sitting Indian style
I don't know and I don't care; Tonto lost his underwear
Sticks and stones will break my bones…
Put that in your pipe and smoke it
Ay, yer mother wears army boots

Emmett Kelley
Mortimer Snerd and Charlie McCarthy
Zeppo, Chico, and Harpo

Under the Bleachers, by Seymour Butts
Brown Spots on the Wall, by Hu Flung Pu
Yellow Rivers, by I. P. Daily
Fifty Yards to the Outhouse, by Willie Maikit
The Accident, by Betty Won't

starched white shirts from the laundry
putting up storm windows every fall
storm windows
rusty wire mesh screens
Will Wright's
wooden cigar boxes

Uncle Al the Kiddies' Pal
Here come da judge…
Veerrrrry interestink…

an airmail stamp
Little Oscar and the Wienermobile
Georgie Jessel
5 cent candy bars
E ticket
the paperboy
"English" bikes
Ralph and Ed's Raccoon Lodge
Junior Woodchucks
Rusty in Orchestraville
Spike Jones

correct use of "whom," lie/lay, fewer/less
Saying "No thank you," instead of "I'm fine"
Saying "You're welcome," instead of "No problem"
Saying "May I please have a…" instead of "Can I get a…"
respect for one's elders


Russ Livingston is a retired K-8 principal and a docent at the San Joaquin County Historical Museum. Part 1 of "Grandma, What's a Speakeasy?" was posted on March 27, 2013.

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