A Call for Images of the Calaveras River

Volunteers from Stockton's Friends of the Lower Calaveras River and professionals from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, along with videographers from NarrativeLab of Portland, Oregon, are working on a video documentary of the removal of barriers along the Calaveras River to fish that migrate between fresh and salt water.

Recent photograph of the Calaveras River.

Recent photograph of the Calaveras River.

The participants have already searched the holdings of the San Joaquin County Historical Museum, the Haggin Museum, the University of the Pacific, and the Bank of Stockton for related photographs and drawings.

If you know of any images not found in those archives, or if you own any you would be willing to deposit in an appropriate local repository or have scanned for digital access, please send a message to the following address: leighjohnsen@sanjoaquinhistory.org.

Subjects of particular interest include:

  • The Calaveras River before damming and development.
  • Early development along the Lower Calaveras River (Highway 49 to Stockton).
  • Fish and fishing activity along the Calaveras River.
  • Images of Native American activity along the Calaveras River.
  • Major flood events involving the Calaveras River.

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