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Welcome to this blog. In it, members of the staff at the San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum intend to take visitors behind the scenes–to afford glimpses of activities related to records, books, photographs, and a variety of artifacts. Among the subjects we intend to discuss are new acquisitions, fresh insights into collections and objects we already hold, and questions that have arisen about people, places, and artifacts represented in our holdings. Other related subjects may also arise from time to time.

We invite participation within the guidelines found in “About this Blog.” We hope this blog stimulates creation of a community driven to explore and discuss the history of San Joaquin County, its historical resources, and its people.

The first of what we hope are many postings announces the organization of the Stockton, California, City Records, and the online posting of a finding aid for them. The Museum acquired this collection in 1997, but not until late in 2010 did volunteers and staff find time to arrange and describe them and to take measures to ensure their preservation.

Records in this collection focus on financial affairs, politics, and public administration in Stockton from 1857 to 1959. Its components include tax assessments, treasurer’s records, auditor’s reports, and papers related to public works. The collection should prove especially valuable to genealogists, students of politics and urbanization, Western historians, and a variety of local officials, thought the full range of its uses is probably limited only by the imagination.

Additional details can be found in the finding aid for the Stockton City Records, posted at the Online Archive of California (OAC).

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