Memories of World War II

What comes to your mind when you think about World War II? Battles, soldiers, guns, airplanes, ships, and tanks? Perhaps you see images of Adolph Hitler and Franklin D. Roosevelt, or Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. The number of different responses is probably endless.

Staff at the Museum are currently preparing an exhibit that will explore World War II as experienced within San Joaquin County or by its residents. Last week, Suga’s blog post reminded me that Americans who lived during that era did not necessarily experience the War in the same way.

For Japanese-Americans, internment played a major role. But what about individuals who belonged to other groups? What about San Joaquin County residents with German or Italian backgrounds? What about African-Americans and Filipino-Americans? How did they view the War? What changes did World War II bring to them? How did it alter the course of their lives—for better or for worse?

If you belonged to one of these groups and lived in San Joaquin County during World War II, this is your opportunity to reminisce. We encourage you to share memories of your life at that time. Please post your comments online at the end of this entry or send them to me at so I can post them for you.

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