The Frontier Thesis and San Joaquin County

How would you describe the American character? For many of us, the description would include words like individuality, ruggedness, informality, and initiative. We might even see an image of John Wayne riding high in the saddle, six-shooter at his side, enemies cowering in fear.

Frederick Jackson Turner (1861-1932)

Frederick Jackson Turner didn't know Wayne, but he may . . . → Read More: The Frontier Thesis and San Joaquin County

The Weber Family Library

Imagine yourself caught up in the excitement of California's Gold Rush. Now imagine yourself boarding a ship on the East Coast, sailing to San Francisco, and heading out to the Southern Mines after stopping in Stockton for supplies. Thousands of other gold seekers from throughout the world join you, hoping to make a quick fortune then . . . → Read More: The Weber Family Library

Stockton the Hero: A Rap Tribute

How could anybody ever forget Commodore Robert F. Stockton (depicted below)? Who? You know, the U.S. naval officer who commanded American forces in California during the Mexican War and served as military governor in 1846 and 1847. Remember now? Remember how Charles M. Weber admired him so much that he named the city of Stockton after . . . → Read More: Stockton the Hero: A Rap Tribute

The Establishment of the California Trail

Nancy Kelsey, pioneer Californian and Bartleson-Bidwell group member.

A group of settlers from Missouri was the first to split off from others continuing on the Oregon Trail to follow its dreams in California. The group, with thirty-two men, one woman, and a baby, had to abandon its wagons in Nevada, its horses were stolen by Indians, . . . → Read More: The Establishment of the California Trail

Charles M. Weber Desecrates a Flag

Where have the past four years gone? I don't know about you, but it seems to me that the last presidential campaign never ended. So here we sit, two and one-half months from the next election, as the presidential candidates swing at each other and the war of words escalates. Could political emotions get much hotter?

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A Map from Early California

Last year, I got a telephone call from a gentleman in Southern California exploring the possibility of giving the Museum a diseño of early San Joaquin County. I had no idea what a diseño was, but the more I learned about it the more interested I became.

Photo by Robert A. Estremo © 2004

A diseño is . . . → Read More: A Map from Early California

Historical Society Awarded Grant

The San Joaquin County Historical Society has been awarded $499,650 to pay for new and upgraded exhibits at the Museum. Last week, the Society received a letter from the California State Parks Office of Grants and Local Services, which administers the ninety-three million dollar Nature Education Facilities Program. The money comes from Proposition 84, a bond . . . → Read More: Historical Society Awarded Grant

Weber’s Garden

I’m willing to wager that Charles M. Weber (1814-1881; left) is San Joaquin County’s most famous pioneer. I also suspect he’s remembered most often as the German immigrant and adventurer who built a fortune founding Stockton. But Weber had another side, too. What often gets overlooked is the passion that he (and possibly his wife, . . . → Read More: Weber’s Garden