When a Docent Cheats

I admit it! I cheated on the Museum! I spent volunteer hours with another organization in a far-away and exotic place. Can I ever be forgiven?

“Delightfully similar” children. (Photo Russ Livingston)

My plan for my month-long trip to Thailand was to spend time in a Buddhist monastery and temple, meditating and studying, and teaching English to . . . → Read More: When a Docent Cheats

Goodbye, Ed

Getting things done at the Museum requires a lot of work, much of it done behind the scenes. Fortunately, lots of people have answered the call.

The largest group of workers at the Museum consists of volunteers, most of whom serve with either the Museum’s educational programs, on its Board of Trustees, or as mechanics on its . . . → Read More: Goodbye, Ed

An Event With Real Christmas Spirit

By now, you’ve experienced the beginning of Christmas shopping, with all the retail promotions, the decorations at the mall, and the first appearances of Santa Claus. If you’re weary of holiday commercialization and long for a down-to-earth, nostalgic Christmas experience, you may be delighted to learn about the Festival of Trees.

This family holiday event will be . . . → Read More: An Event With Real Christmas Spirit

A Docent’s Great-Grandparents

If the docents of San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum put their stories together, our history would tell the true tale, not a textbook re-creation.

It is stunning to realize these fine people were born before the Civil War began, and I can clearly remember them and their voices, voices beginning 150 years ago, especially Great . . . → Read More: A Docent’s Great-Grandparents

Docents Rule!

As a retired K-8 principal, I, oddly, find myself still liking children very much. I even like some teachers. To my great pleasure, I have now discovered a wonderful group of fine people: "docents," an extraordinary bunch of wildly diverse folks who channel historical characters as different as the perfect schoolmarm, Matt Dillon (retired), Auntie Mame, . . . → Read More: Docents Rule!

Celebrating Christmas with the Festival of Trees

The San Joaquin County Historical Museum will deck all the halls for this year’s twentieth annual Festival of Trees. This family event launches the holiday season on December 3 and 4 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the San Joaquin County Historical Museum.

Lodi Park, December 1913

Docents dressed in vintage Victorian and pioneer clothes will . . . → Read More: Celebrating Christmas with the Festival of Trees

Raise the Barn

Barn raising was a time-honored tradition in early America. Its major purpose was to create shelter for animals and tools. But it also brought neighbors together and reinforced community ties. These traditions continue at the San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum as its Docent Council embarks on a campaign to build its own barn-like structure . . . → Read More: Raise the Barn