George Shima, “Potato King”

In an earlier blog, I addressed San Joaquin County's lesser-known Chinese-American "potato king," Chin Lung (January 25, 2012). Here's the story of the County's nationally known "potato king," Japanese-American George Shima.

Japanese immigrant Ushijima Seikichi, later known as George Shima, arrived in San Joaquin County in 1889 and worked his way from migrant laborer to farmer in . . . → Read More: George Shima, “Potato King”

The Agricultural Hall of Fame

What do the following five people have in common? Charlotte Wheeler Clowes, John Kroyer, William G. Micke, George Shima, and Tillie Lewis. You get twenty-five points if you answered, "They all lived in San Joaquin County." Fifty if you know that they were somehow involved with agriculture. A perfect score of one hundred goes to readers . . . → Read More: The Agricultural Hall of Fame

Chin Lung and the Great Western Potato Mart

The story of George Shima, the Japanese immigrant who became known as the "Potato King" of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, is fairly well known. But did you know there was an earlier, Chinese immigrant also known as a "Potato King?" Here’s the story of Chin Lung.

Unidentified Asian laborer with sacked potatoes, Woodward Island, ca. 1928

At . . . → Read More: Chin Lung and the Great Western Potato Mart