Internment and Lodi’s Japanese-Americans

It is easy to misidentify photographs. On page 7 of the San Joaquin Historian for fall 2008-spring 2009, which is devoted to Lodi’s Japantown. I identified the photograph below as being taken in the 1930s. Local historian Ralph Lea was kind enough to correct me and let me know that it was actually taken in 1942, . . . → Read More: Internment and Lodi’s Japanese-Americans

Lodi Goes to War

Pictures tell stories. Each day at the Museum I’m reminded of this truism. Sometimes the stories are written on the backs of photographs. Sometimes they can be pieced together from bits of outside evidence. And sometimes we have only the images themselves.

Knowledge about the snapshot at left can be described as somewhere between ignorance and . . . → Read More: Lodi Goes to War

New Deal Cathedrals

One of the best books I’ve read in recent months is the Gothic Enterprise, by Robert A. Scott (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003). The Gothic Enterprise views Europe’s great cathedrals of the High Middle Ages as windows into the Medieval mind, as embodiments of the human spirit that reveal more about society, economics, politics, . . . → Read More: New Deal Cathedrals