Exhibit of Historic Postcards to Open at Museum

One of the most fascinating but little-known treasures of the San Joaquin County Historical Museum may be its collection of historic postcards. The scenes they depict range from the mundane to the bizarre. Starting the first week of March, visitors can catch glimpses into this rich collection of local resources when the Museum opens an exhibit . . . → Read More: Exhibit of Historic Postcards to Open at Museum

Naked Babies in the Mail

Understanding the past can be hard. Sometimes, we accidentally make it even harder with mistakes that send us sailing off the charts.

Last week, I came across an interesting postcard in the Museum's collections. It dates from the early years of the twentieth century and features a baby posing innocently without a stitch of clothing. Here's the . . . → Read More: Naked Babies in the Mail

Waiting for Santa

I like photographs a lot. Sometimes they give me information I can't find anywhere else. Other times, I see glimpses into artistic sensitivity and expertise. But the images I find most memorable are ones that open doors into the personality of the photographer, giving me a sense of what it might have been like to know . . . → Read More: Waiting for Santa

The Good Old Days Revisited

The past always holds surprises. Several weeks ago, Stockton historian Alice van Ommeren started an online discussion among local archivists about "wanted postcards," postcards that law enforcement officials from an earlier age circulated by mail hoping to catch criminals. That exchange reminded me of a scrapbook I found in the Museum’s collection some time ago.

Wanted . . . → Read More: The Good Old Days Revisited

Thanksgiving One Century Ago

Last week, one of my colleagues asked me if I knew any good Thanksgiving stories from San Joaquin County’s past. I had to admit that I didn’t, but I promised to look. So off I went. Unfortunately, I haven’t succeeded yet, but I did come across an item that started me thinking about how different people . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving One Century Ago

Boys Will Be Boys

My Dad died several years ago; Mom followed him to the grave early last year. In all honesty, I never fully appreciated how much she enjoyed taking pictures until I waded into her collection of albums, which must have numbered close to one hundred.

One of my favorite images features my maternal grandparents, two aunts, several of . . . → Read More: Boys Will Be Boys

Postcards as Windows into the Past

Vintage postcards, many of which can be found in the archives of the San Joaquin County Historical Museum, are a valuable resource for studying local history and chronicling family history. (Below, Head of Navigation, Stockton, ca. 1920.)

Modern postcard collectors consider the early 1900s the Golden Age of Postcards. This period represents a time when millions of . . . → Read More: Postcards as Windows into the Past