Lodi History Made Easier

One of the best-kept secrets of San Joaquin County may be the historic government records housed at the San Joaquin County Historical Museum. Knowledge that these resources exist often comes as a surprise to visitors. The Museum holds official records from the County of San Joaquin and the Cities of Stockton and Lodi that, together, span . . . → Read More: Lodi History Made Easier

The Great Register of San Joaquin County

Sometimes I marvel at the amount of data floating around "out there." Any stranger who knows where to look can discover where I live (and have lived), my telephone number, my age, and the names of members in my family. And that's just the beginning.

Have you ever wondered how different things were in the past?

. . . → Read More: The Great Register of San Joaquin County

Digitization Milestone Reached

The San Joaquin County Historical Society is pleased to announce that it has reached a significant milestone with its ongoing digitization project in partnership with Internet Archive, a nonprofit corporation based in San Francisco.

Completion of this stage enables visitors to the Web sites of the Society and Internet Archive to view one-of-a-kind volumes of official San . . . → Read More: Digitization Milestone Reached

Memories of World War II

What comes to your mind when you think about World War II? Battles, soldiers, guns, airplanes, ships, and tanks? Perhaps you see images of Adolph Hitler and Franklin D. Roosevelt, or Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. The number of different responses is probably endless.

Staff at the Museum are currently preparing an exhibit that will explore World . . . → Read More: Memories of World War II

A Tale of Two Seals

Have you ever looked closely at the official seal of San Joaquin County? Did you even know that the County has one?

The Museum holds a replica (pictured at left) that sits on a wall in the library‚Äôs reading room. It measures about two feet in diameter. Folklore claims that our copy was once part of an . . . → Read More: A Tale of Two Seals

Mary J. French: Pioneering San Joaquin County Supervisor

What attributes could be found among women who entered elected public office in California soon after they were given the right to vote in state elections in 1911?

Staff at the Museum have devoted significant amounts of time over the past couple years updating its catalog of photographs, which currently numbers about nine thousand. Last year, one . . . → Read More: Mary J. French: Pioneering San Joaquin County Supervisor

Welcome to this Blog

Welcome to this blog. In it, members of the staff at the San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum intend to take visitors behind the scenes–to afford glimpses of activities related to records, books, photographs, and a variety of artifacts. Among the subjects we intend to discuss are new acquisitions, fresh insights into collections and objects . . . → Read More: Welcome to this Blog