Market Hunting in the San Joaquin Valley

Remember Passenger Pigeons? Probably not. The last one died in 1914, a casualty of mass deforestation and overhunting. An estimated three to five billion lived in North America when Europeans arrived, but their numbers plummeted over the next three centuries. Perpetuation of this once–numerous bird apparently wasn't a matter of high priority.

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Historic Reclamation Material Published Online

The San Joaquin County Historical Society is pleased to announce the online publication of historic material related to the County's reclamation districts. A full description, posted on the Web site of the Online Archive of California, includes links to the images and can be viewed by clicking here. This long-awaited online collection includes approximately two hundred . . . → Read More: Historic Reclamation Material Published Online

Filipino Asparagus Workers

Visitors to the Museum's Festival of Trees in recent years may remember seeing a jaunty (and well-decorated) red Massey–Harris tractor with gray wooden bins on each side. Agricultural workers in San Joaquin County once used this tractor, and they loaded its bins with harvested asparagus.

Asparagus sledding operator poses in field with harvested stalks.

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Stockton in 1912

I doubt that many current residents of San Joaquin County recognize the name Henry B. Budd. That’s unfortunate. A civil engineer, Budd was one of San Joaquin County’s most prominent shakers and movers early in the twentieth century. He recently came to my attention because a donor has given the Museum a map from 1912 that . . . → Read More: Stockton in 1912

Historical Material Posted Online

The San Joaquin County Historical Society is pleased to announce the online publication of important county records between 1876 and 1899. This event marks the first step in an anticipated multi-stage digitization project, the successful completion of which depends on the willingness of individuals, businesses, and other organizations to join with the Society as financial partners.

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Imagining Old California

Have you ever wondered what California looked like five hundred, a thousand, or even five or ten thousand years ago? How about San Joaquin County? There were different people for sure, but what about animals, plants, and the land itself? What did the area’s long-lost ecosystems look like and how did they interact?

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Tule Shoes

What in the world is a tule shoe?

A couple weeks ago, collection manager Julie Blood retreated into the storage areas of the Museum and emerged with the two similar objects, one of which is pictured at left. She placed them on a work table next to her desk and members of the staff gathered around like . . . → Read More: Tule Shoes