The Agricultural Hall of Fame

What do the following five people have in common? Charlotte Wheeler Clowes, John Kroyer, William G. Micke, George Shima, and Tillie Lewis. You get twenty-five points if you answered, "They all lived in San Joaquin County." Fifty if you know that they were somehow involved with agriculture. A perfect score of one hundred goes to readers . . . → Read More: The Agricultural Hall of Fame

A Taste of History

Have you ever tasted history? You’ve probably read and heard about history, and you may have thought you smelled history when Grandma opened that old chest in the attic. But tasting history?

For the next few days, the San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum is offering the public an opportunity to taste the past in the . . . → Read More: A Taste of History

“Medora’s Museum”

Medora Johnson Basketry Exhibit

Currently on display at the Museum is a selection of Native American baskets (most of which are Pomo in origin) from the collection of Medora Johnson, the Museum’s first director. Born and raised in Lakeport, California, Medora gained an appreciation for history and Native American culture by helping her mother establish a museum in Lake . . . → Read More: “Medora’s Museum”