Special Events
Festival Of Trees

On the first weekend in December from 10 am to 4 pm, the Museum’s docents (volunteer educators) transform the entire Museum into a winter wonderland, with more than 75 decorated trees, a tea and dessert room, entertainment, vendors, and many crafts and activities for children. General Admission $8; Children ages 2-10 years, $1; under 2 years, free. Tickets may be purchased in advance at the Historical Museum or at the Music Box in Stockton and Lodi, with advance ticket purchase, the parking fee is waived.


Special Exhibitions

In addition to long-term exhibits the Museum presents short-term, special exhibitions, such as the following:

Washington Street: The Heart and Soul of Stockton Chinatown
Relive Stockton Chinatown when it was a colorful, bustling business district in the area now traversed by the Crosstown Freeway. "Washington Street: The Heart and Soul of Stockton Chinatown" is a special exhibition that will continue through May 28, 2017. The exhibition is a collaborative effort between the museum and the Chinese Benevolent Association of Stockton. Research included a series of “Show ‘n’ Tell” sessions with members of the Greatest Generation and their descendants. They delved into their memories and dusted off storage boxes, painting a remarkable picture of a time and a culture in Stockton that is in danger of being forgotten. "Washington Street" chronicles Sam Fow (Cantonese for “third city”) from the early 1900s through redevelopment in the 1970s.