Discover the Roots of California’s Heartland

The San Joaquin County Historical Museum reveals the fascinating history of the region, from the Yokuts and Miwok through Captain Charles Weber (founder of Stockton and first farmer in the area) and the development of modern agriculture. The Museum has eight exhibition buildings, four historic buildings — including the Charles Weber cottage (1847) and Calaveras School (1866) — and features room dioramas of Weber family furnishings, a children’s gallery, and large displays of hand tools and agricultural equipment.

Special Exhibitions

"Art of Survival: Enduring the Turmoil of Tule Lake" August 24-October 19
An exhibition on the complexity of the only WWII Japanese American Segregation Center. Tule Lake was the largest of 10 confinement centers and it housed people referred from all the other sites. Many confined at Tule Lake knew their rights had been undermined and were willing to stand up to the injustice, a most American thing to do. Through haunting images of artifacts by fine art photographer Hiroshi Watanabe, the exhibition provides glimpses into life at Tule Lake. Oral histories by those held captive bring forth the complex issues that swirl around their experiences.


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