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Japanese moriage chocolate set

Japanese porcelain moriage chocolate set from the early 1900s.  It belonged to farmer Lorenzo and Susan Wakefield of Stockton and was passed down through the family to Adine Gnekow, who donated it to the Museum in 2013.  As a young child, Adine remembers the set displayed in her great grandparents’ dining room on the farm.


The set consists of a chocolate pot with lid and six demitasse cups and saucers.  One side of the set is decorated with a scene of a stream with green hills and trees and the other side depicts two birds sitting on a Japanese maple branch.  Surrounding the central images is a raised floral motif.


The raised floral motif on the pitcher and cups is made using a technique called moriage.  To achieve this three-dimensional effect, a sticky, thick clay known as slip is layered onto the pottery and then it is fired.  The process is repeated until the desired look is achieved.  The raised dots on the beverage set are made from small bits of clay.  Once the decorating is complete, the moriage pieces and beading are painted and beverage set is fired a final time. 



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