The News & Notes is Back!

After a year in hiatus, the San Joaquin County Historical Museum’s newsletter, the News & Notes, returns.   We are excited to continue communicating with our membership. 

Some new changes are in the works for the News & Notes: the publication will be for the first time in five years be published monthly. As the ongoing health crisis has created a hectic and unstable environment for business and recreation, we feel the need for a more consistent newsletter. 

In addition to going  monthly, the News & Notes will be distributed digitally for the foreseeable future. Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the Museum does not have the resources for an extended print-run. 

The theme of this edition of the News & Notes is “Reintroducing the Museum.” Museum staff, trustees, and volunteers have been hard at work for the past twelve months, and we hope to share our progress with our membership in person, as soon as possible. 


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