The San Joaquin Historian – Fall 2023

A journey of discovery through the life of Charles White Logan, focused on Stockton and San Joaquin County, California. With details and images from Logan’s Studio, drawings, newspaper articles, photographs and maps circa 1895-1934


What follows is a bare bones, condensed 1898-1915 excerpt out of “The Saga of Charles W. Logan, Pioneer Photographer”1, an essay covering the work and life of Charles White Logan (1858-1934), while residing in Stockton. The aim is to give a perspective to the legacy of “Logan’s Studio” and the photographer’s lasting contributions to our San Joaquin County cultural and historical heritage.

On May 20, 2023, Steven Herder from The Golden Rose Barbershop showed me an antique portrait of ladies. An exciting find behind the mirror in his barbershop during renovation. This photograph was originally wrapped in the traditional early 20th century folding cardboard holder with protective transparent silk paper, and has the “Logan” monogram on it. The address printed on the remaining pasteboard is 15 S. San Joaquin Street, California.

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