Tree and Vine Building - Truck

Tree and Vine Building

Northern San Joaquin County once had a lucrative watermelon crop, but in the 1890s, it was replaced by grapes, particularly Flame Tokay Grapes.  In this building, you will explore the history of grape growing, wine making, the cultivation and drying of stone fruits and nuts.  Enjoy a variety of colorful grape labels on the back of the Samson and Transport trucks from the 1920s that hauled boxes of grapes to the packinghouses for railroad transportation throughout the country.  Once outside this building, you can learn about our Pacific Fruit Express refrigerated railroad car at the north end of the building.  During your visit, we encourage you to take a look at our Flame Tokay vineyard, a remnant of Mr. Micke’s original 1922 vineyard. 

Photo by James Johnston